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April 11, 2024

Spotlighting Profiles, RFCs, and more

Rachel Golden
Rachel Golden
Telling HackMD's story, building awareness, and meaningfully connecting with communities.

Welcome back to the latest edition of the Markdown Memo. 👋

This month, along with featuring the latest industry news, informative blogs, and community voices we’re highlighting how you can leverage your Profile in HackMD as a central source of truth for your community.

In fact, all of the ‘Visionary voices’ below have a rich repository of resources and documents in their Profiles. Simply click their username at the top left of their page to explore more.

🌟 Visionary voices

📄 Product updates

Kick-start collaboration with Profiles

The key to collaboration is creating a central source of truth.

For both teams and individuals building with HackMD, a dedicated workspace is provided for organizing and housing all internal documents.

But what if you want to share select notes or information publicly? Posting links across your social platforms is an option, but what if there was a more efficient way to manage all your public notes?

There is.

Enter: Profiles

🖋️ From the blog

HackMD vs Notion: Choosing the right tool

Developers juggle countless moving pieces.

For them, tooling is not a convenience, but a vital component in the workflow. We know this.

That’s why HackMD prioritizes developer-centric features, making it ideal for efficient and effective technical documentation. But how does HackMD stand up against other tools like Notion? We dove into some of the factors to consider when deciding between the two.

Crafting an effective RFC

Request For Comments, or RFCs, serve as the cornerstone of innovation, providing a platform for individuals to propose, refine, and standardize ideas that shape the digital landscape.

We uncovered the process of creating an RFC document. Specifically…

  1. Knowing when (and when not) to write an RFC
  2. Defining the purpose and scope
  3. Researching your problem
  4. Structuring your RFC and what to include in each section (!)
  5. Sharing your work with key stakeholders

Click here to learn how to craft an impactful RFC.

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Until next time…

We can’t wait to see what you create.