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October 25, 2023

Kick-start your collaboration with Profiles

Rachel Golden
Rachel Golden
Telling HackMD's story, building awareness, and meaningfully connecting with communities.

The key to collaboration is creating a central source of truth. For both teams and individuals building with HackMD, a dedicated workspace is provided for organizing and housing all internal documents.

But what if you want to share select notes or information publicly? Posting links across your social platforms is an option, but what if there was a more efficient way to manage all your public notes?

Well now there is.

Enter: Profiles

Introducing Profiles

Everyone using HackMD has a public profile. You can customize your profile a number of different ways to reflect who you are, what you’re working on, and who you’re collaborting with. Start by personalizing basic information such as username, URL, bio, and photo.

Showcase your work

Take it a step further by showcasing your published notes. Within your workspace, you can decide which notes to make public. Once a note is published – or made public – it appears on your profile.

This is when your profile becomes your central source of truth for your community. Anyone interested in following you or learning more about your work has only to visit your profile to quickly get up to speed. Sharing your work becomes effortless, and collaboration thrives when you build in public.

Connect with your community

As we touched on above, with HackMD you can follow and be followed by others in your industry. Discover like-minded indivials and create a network of collaborators by following their profile. You can always manage your follower and following list to curate your network and ensure it’s relevance.

So now that you’ve built your profile with all your public notes and a curated network, you might be wondering how to share timely information with your community…

Harnessing the power of Announcements

Earlier this month we launched updates to Profiles, including the introduction of Announcements. This new feature is designed to help you easily update your community with important information and news.

Whenever you have something to share – a new event, document, project, or research paper – you can push an announcement directly to the top of your profile. Once the announcement is published, everyone following you will receive a notification with the information.

A better way to collaborate

Profiles and Announcements empower you connect with others in the space, share ideas, and ultimately collaborate more effectively. We’re excited to bring more features to HackMD that streamline your workflow and make collaborating with others easier than ever.

Whether you’re a developer, educator, team leader, or anyone in-between, you can update your profile or share your first announcement today at

We can’t wait to see what you create.