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October 11, 2023

Announce, connect, and react: A closer look at new features on HackMD

Rachel Golden
Rachel Golden
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Last week, we rolled out a series of new updates designed to enhance your collaboration experience on HackMD. From improved workspace settings to the ability to post announcements and replying to comments with emojis, these updates will empower you and your team to communicate and work more effectively.

Let’s dive in!

Manage your network with ease

Within your Workspace Settings, you’ll find new functionality in your Network Settings. You can now customize the visibility of your follower and following list, deciding who can (or can’t) see your connections on platform.

You can also directly manage your follower and following lists. Curate your network and ensure you stay connected with the right people. It’s worth noting that teams have only followers – they cannot follow others – so you won’t need to manage a following list.

Post an announcement to your community

Just as it sounds, you can now post an announcement on your page or your team’s page to easily update your community with helpful information. Promote an upcoming event, update your status, or share your latest work, all using this new feature. Take it a step further and add a link to a note within your workspace to direct followers to more information.

Centralize information and streamline access for everyone with the click of a button. ✨

React to comments with emojis

Emojis have become an integral part of online communication – from social media to Slack channels to blog posts like this one. You can convey recipt of review, express emotions, or engage your community with the click of a button. We understand the power of emojis in facilitating communication and are delighted to integrate the ability to reply to HackMD comments with emojis.

Building towards a more dynamic and user-centric platform

HackMD continues to evolve, and these new features exemplify our commitment to enhancing your collaborative experience. As you explore these new features, you’ll discover how they can streamline your work, improve your communication, and make collaboration more enjoyable. Whether you’re building out your next project in stealth or part of a team, HackMD is here to help you achieve your goals.

We can’t wait to see what you create.