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February 6, 2024

A new era of commenting on HackMD

Rachel Golden
Rachel Golden
Telling HackMD's story, building awareness, and meaningfully connecting with communities.

We’re delighted to announce a fresh new commenting experience that we’ve been tirelessly working on over the past few months is here.

Which means it’s time to say farewell to the old commenting functionality. This new era of seamless collaboration is brimming with enhanced features and user-friendly design.

Going live February 20th, 2024

On February 20th, we will launch the new commenting system to all HackMD users.

We appreciate your support during the preview phase. Your invaluable feedback helped to shape the new system into what it is today.

During that preview phase the legacy version was still available to smooth the transition while we refined the details. Now, it’s time to officially launch the future of commenting on HackMD. 📄

What to expect from the new commenting system

This new system provides a smoother interface and more interactive collaboration. Here’s what you can expect:

1. Dedicated side panel: Say goodbye to searching for comments within the document. The new dedicated side panel showcases all comments, making collaboration more organized and efficient.

2. Notifications for new comments: Stay in the loop with real-time notifications for new comments. Never miss a discussion again.

3. Emoji Reactions: React to comments with a wide range of emojis. Convey recipt of review, express emotions, or engage your community with the click of a button.

4. Increased Character Count: Unleash your thoughts with an expanded comment character limit. Expanded from 500 to 1000 characters, you can now express yourself more freely than ever before.

5. Improved Comment Viewing: Enjoy a seamless reading experience with comments displayed in their entirety while viewing. Dive into discussions without interruptions.

6. Streamlined Reply Process: No more confusion – clicking on a comment now opens the reply area instantly, making it clear and easy to engage in meaningful conversations.

7. Dynamic Input Area: Watch your ideas flow effortlessly with a dynamically growing comment input area. Say goodbye to cramped spaces and hello to a comfortable writing experience.

8. Optimized Modal Trigger: We’ve refined the “Continue Editing or Discard” modal to be less intrusive, ensuring your workflow remains uninterrupted.

9. Hybrid Mode: Experience better context in discussions with related comments grouped together in hybrid mode.

Commenting that cultivates collaboration

At HackMD, our commitment is to provide you with the best tools for collaboration. We believe this new commenting system will elevate your experience, making collaboration more intuitive, engaging, and enjoyable.

As we continue building together, we thank you for your support and feedback. The future of collaboration on HackMD looks brighter than ever.

We can’t wait to see what you create.