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January 18, 2024

How to convince your team to use HackMD

Rachel Golden
Rachel Golden
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Convincing your team to adopt a productivity tool isn’t always easy. We get it. You know the current processes are riddled with inefficiencies, making everyone’s job unnecessarily difficult. But changing course as a team is a culture shift in how you work together, from remote siloes to collaboration.

So how can you convince your team to step out of their comfort zone and optimize workflows? We’ve compiled a list of pro-tips to help you with just that.

1. Identify the problem

Before you dive into the fix, you first have to idenfiy the problem your team faces.

Do you find yourself faced with a disjointed documentation and collaboration process? What are the holes in your current process? Give some examples of times when this inefficient process slowed down your team or lead you to missing a deadline.

Take it a step further and frame that problem with how it will effect an upcoming project. Tying a known problem with the urgency of an upcoming project or goal helps ground this issue and give a concrete impact.

2. Clarify the need for a collaborative markdown tool

Now that you have the problem identified, it’s your time to highlight the need for a collaborative markdown tool, like HackMD.

A collaborative markdown tool brings the real-time, online connectivity of Google Docs with the markdown capabilities of your favorite editor. This lightweight markup language is easy to learn and use, enabling anyone on your team to harness with ease. The focus is then on content creation without distractions.

And once you’re all collaborating in one central hub, it’s easier to manage documentation, track goals, debrief post-campaign, or share findings. Efficiency lifts when multiple team members can contribute simultaneousely, providing instant feedback and edits.

Staying productive and flexible with open collaboration in high-growth environments is the key to success, especially for remote teams on tight deadlines.

3. Highlight the benefits of HackMD

With the need for a collaborative markdown tool establlished, it’s time to bring it home.

But just because the solution seems like a no-brainer to you, doesn’t mean it’s clear to the rest of your team. Take the time to dig into the benefits of HackMD and how it can solve your team’s pain points, double clicking on how specific individuals could use it to enhance their productivity.

Beyond real-time collaboration (a strong point in itself) here are a few things you could call out:

  • Seamless integration with other tools: Whether it’s linking GitHub repositories, embedding multimedia content, or integrating LaTeX’s mathematical notation, highlight how HackMD can become a central, robust hub for all collaborative work.
  • Version control and history: With HackMD, every change made to a document is tracked, providing a comprehensive version history. This feature ensures that no work is lost, and team members can always refer back to previous versions. Version control maintains the integrity of projects and collaborative efforts.
  • Security and privacy: HackMD’s commitment to data protection will put key stakeholders at ease. Encryption and team controled access levels ensure sensitive information remains secure.
  • Features to enhance your productivity: With Slide Mode and Book Mode, your team can effortlessly report out on findings or create collections of documents to organize information.

And don’t just tell them about your solution, show them. Walk through the product with your team and key decision makers. Illustrate ways you personally use the product and how the entire team could uplevel your work with different features.

And then give them the reins.

Encourage your team to sign up for the free version of HackMD, while flagging the added benefits of the Prime team workspace. This begins the familiarization process and allows your follow teammates to envision how they could benefit themselves from the product.

Transform the way your team works

In this innovative, fast-paced world, finding the right tools to streamline communication and boost productivity is crucial. That’s why we built HackMD. And it’s why we’re passionate about transforming the way teams work together.

By highlighting its simplicity, real-time collaboration features, version control, integrations, enhanced communication, customization options, and security measures, you can effectively convince your team to embrace HackMD and take their collaborative efforts to new heights.

We can’t wait to see what you build.