Better privacy after Imgur migration | HackMD Blog
May 4, 2023

Better privacy after Imgur migration


Recently, the image hosting service Imgur announced that it will remove pornographic and low-traffic images from its platform after May 15, 2023. Users of HackMD’s free plan are worried about losing their previously uploaded images because those are hosted on Imgur.

To honor our commitment to privacy and address free user concerns, HackMD will soon allow free users to upload images to private cloud storage and enjoy the same per-note permission controls as paid users, making HackMD safer.

Compared to free users, paid users will enjoy more storage space and be able to upload larger files.

For images that are already on Imgur, the HackMD team will transfer the images from Imgur to HackMD’s cloud storage. This service is only available for paid users.

However, there are some situations that are beyond our capacity:

  • Imgur has removed the image prior to transfer.
  • Imgur does not allow the transfer due to unforeseen circumstances.

For paid users, HackMD loads images with those on its server, so you don’t need to worry about losing them.

For unpaid users, HackMD loads images from Imgur, so there is a risk that Imgur may remove the images.

If images in published notes violate HackMD’s community guidelines, the HackMD team reserves the right to remove them.

Privacy is a value that HackMD takes very seriously. All users can now upload to HackMD’s cloud storage, enjoying the benefits of per-note access control, which is a significant step forward in upholding privacy. After this transfer, all users can write, share and collaborate on notes with greater peace of mind.