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February 21, 2022

Be more creative with HackMD API


The HackMD Team has released a beta version of HackMD API, which could produce more value for you, by integrating HackMD with other apps.

Take a productivity leap with the API

An API is a collection of entrances that each leads to a specified room, which fulfills a certain functionality of the app. By “calling” these entrances, you can ask HackMD to

  • list the notes that you have visited,
  • create a meeting minute before the meeting,
  • save contents that you have clipped from websites,

and a lot more, automatically. For all the steps that HackMD has a role in your workflow, you don’t have to click repetitively to go through them anymore. Your time should be spent on more creative works.

So bring this news to your fellow developers and begin to replace manual works with programs.

There is an economy in the API

Beyond the time and efforts saved, as a developer building products, consider building a service that exploits the assets that HackMD has already accumulated. For example,

  • a blogging service that publishes contents written on HackMD to a custom domain,
  • an issue tracker that collects todo items from HackMD notes and syncs them two-ways, or
  • a customer support widget living on the webpages that offers visitors on-the-spot knowledge from the contents on HackMD.

Various opportunities lie in Web3 as well.

To summarize, HackMD API can be a productivity leap by saving manual works for you. Moreover, it can be a source of revenue as well. With HackMD API, you can concentrate efforts on the unique value that your product offer, capitalizing on what HackMD has been good at, and build a minimum viable product more quickly and monetize whenceforth.

Let’s get started.

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