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September 15, 2021

Try HackMD Prime Personal, first month is on us

:tada: Try HackMD Prime Personal with the promo code “PrimerONE” for 30 days.

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What is Prime Personal plan :question:

You are already familiar with the “prime” symbol (\('\)) as in \(A'\), because it’s everywhere in algorithm and mathematics, on which are the bricks the core technologies of HackMD build.

HackMD Prime is the first-class, value-added flavor of HackMD.

:sunrise: What you get right now

Upgrade to Prime Personal to strengthen privacy to your data, for you will have dedicated cloud storage for uploaded images, whose permissions follows the containing notes.

There will be unlimited number of invitees, templates, and you can set default permissions to your note to save time.

:sunrise_over_mountains: And more is coming

Note API for connecting your notes to other apps. Recycle bins where you can recover deleted notes. Folders for better arranging your notes.

Why Prime :question:

Every app craves your subscription, not all of them are essential to your productivity. HackMD is lightweight, flexible, and fast. No blocks. No modules. No databases. Just jot down your thoughts.

With collaboration and sharing in its DNA, HackMD boosts your productivity by decreasing the frictions for others to get their hands on. For freelancers whose works often involves contacts in other organziations, custom permalink, flexible permissions, full-fledged version control and quietly colored editing marks, all holds your work to be accessible and accountable.

HackMD comes with a Free version, which is free forever, yet Prime is for those who see the value in it and would like to use it without limitations.

Pay for what truly helps :clinking_glasses:

Does HackMD Prime fit your use case :question:

Are you a developer? HackMD can simulate Emacs and vim, provides comprehensive keyboard shortcuts, code blocks with custom line numbers, GitHub integration, and much more.

Are you promoting an idea? HackMD is great for publishing your thoghts. Invite people to work together, to comment on your piece, and get notified for your publishings in one place.

Are you an academic member? Communicate with your colleagues or students with native languages of your discipline(s). LaTeX, mermaid.js, Graphviz, slide mode, and much more.

Are you an administrator? Manage meeting minutes and all the admin documentations in one place. Onboarding is a lot easier with Book Mode.

Are you a writer? Novels, poems, screenplays, translations, copys and everything in plain text are what HackMD is good at. A stable and fast editor, auto-save, traceable versions, plus excellent collaboration.

How much does HackMD Prime cost?

Use promo code to get Prime, the first month is on us. You will be charged US$4 at the beginning of the next month.

Later this year, you will be able to pay anunally, then the monthly fee of Prime Personal will be US$6/paid monthly or US$4/paid annually. If you subscribe to HackMD before the annual plan, you can keep US$4 plan and save 33% every month ever after, until cancellation.

Get the promo code this weekend! (updated)

:tada: Try HackMD Prime Personal with the promo code “PrimerONE” for 30 days.

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