Merging two accounts | HackMD Blog
March 27, 2019

Merging two accounts

Hello markdown hackers,

Now you can merge two of your accounts into one. Doing this could reduce your confusion of “which account did I use to sign-in to HackMD?” and make it easier for you to manage all your notes.

Go to and choose the sign-in method you want to merge. Your current sign-in method has a check mark behind it. Once you sign-in with other method, you will see how many notes the other account has, then you could choose to merge the two accounts, or not.

We have been working on letting you share a note with specific users, this is the first step. When the next step is done, you would be able to sign-in using email address. By the end of the last step, you could invite your partners to collaborate on HackMD using emails.

Let us know how do you think, how can we do better.